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About My Holsters

I’ve been making things out of leather for going on 45 years and its the same old question that comes up every time someone asks me to make them a holster to carry a concealed firearm for personal protection.  What do I carry and how will I conceal it? Shoulder carry, ankle carry, belt carry, or inside the pants carry?

One school of thought is BIGGER is BETTER.  Bigger generally delivers better knockdown potential but leads to another problem , how to comfortably carry and maintain concealability.    Many climates and mode of dress do not afford the option of full time carry of  large or even medium sized firearms.  When you shed your coat or trade in your trousers for a pair of shorts, concealability is jeopardized and usually leads to leaving the firearm at home or in your vehicle. 

My school of thought is this....a small pistol or revolver in your pocket is better than a big one in your glove box or on your dresser.   If you find yourself in a situation where you need to protect yourself or your family, you’ve probably lost the battle if you have to go looking for your gun.

My line of holsters offer comfortable concealed carry of many small autos, revolvers and derringers.  If you have a pocket, you can comfortably carry a Beretta Tom Cat, Bond Arms 45/410 Derringer, Davis/Cobra Derringer, North American Guardian or  mini-revolver, a Beretta 950 or Mod 21, a High Standard Derringer, Kel-Tec P32, KelTec P3AT, Autauga Arms 32 or Seecamp.  The list is growing.

My most recent additions now includes pocket holsters for the new Boberg XR9, Sig 238, Sig 938, Sig 290 and Diamondback 380 from Diamondback Firearms in Cocoa, Fl, the  Taurus 738, SIG P238, Desert Eagle Micro 380, Walther PPS, Colt Mustang, Rohrbaug, Walther PPK, Ruger LCP, Ruger LCR, Kel-Tec PF9, Kel-Tec P3AT w/Crimson Trace LaserGrip, Kel-Tec P3AT w/ArmaLaser, Walther PPK and PPK/S, Glock 26/27, Kahr Arms PM-9 and PM-40 , Kel-Tec P-11, J-Frame Smith & Wesson/Taurus/Rossi 5-Shot Revolvers, and the SCCY CPX-1.  It is an oversized version of our standard pocket holster, made to fit the large pockets of cargo pants and large pocket new style jeans.  We are finding, however, the Kahr fits nicely in most rear pants pockets.

My holsters are individually made from quality materials and will provide you with years of daily carry.

Made in America, by Americans from Premium USA leather exclusively from Herman Oak Leather Company.


Hand Cut
Hand Formed
Hand Tooled
Vat Dyed
Hand  Polished

Concealed Carry Pocket Holster from

Each holster is hand cut from a side of 5/6 ounce premium cowhide.  The rear pocket guard is cut from a 8/9 ounce side.  The leather is wet formed around the firearm and hand tooled to show detail.

Concealed Carry Pocket Holster from

After drying, the outline is cut to the proper shape and accessories like the ammo pouch or pocket guards are stitched on as needed.  The holster is then stitched using professional 35 LB saddle thread.

Concealed Carry Pocket Holster from
Concealed Carry Pocket Holster from
Concealed Carry Pocket Holster from

The holster is then vat dyed to insure a deep, even penetration of color.  Next comes a wax treatment which serves three purposes.

  • It insures the holster will keep its shape by stiffening the leather.
  • It allows the firearm to slide easily in and out of the holster.
  • It preserves and beautifies the leather.
Concealed Carry Pocket Holster from

Finally, the holster is polished and hand buffed to a glossy finish and is ready for use